Bangor Public Library

The Bangor Public Library began operations on April 5, 1883 when the city of Bangor and the Bangor Mechanic Association joined together to provide free library service to all city residents. The Library now has a collection of 502,099 volumes, 37,589 registered borrowers, and an annual circulation of 411,819.

The Library continues to be an active part of the Bangor community. An average of 1,448 books and other materials are "checked out" of the Library everyday. The Library serves as a community center, offering meeting space, programs for adults and children, and monthly exhibits of art and artifacts, while fulfilling its historical purpose "to preserve and disseminate knowledge and thoughts.., to provide recreation through print and to provide a maximum of assistance to its clients in the use of its collections. The Library aims to provide material on all subjects likely to be of concern or interest either to present or potential users of whatever age or education."

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